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Our Solutions

Advanced Biometric Identity Verification Platform

Our solution enables your business to access the national ID database in order to verify your customer identity in a fast and secure manner. Using AI technology, Trustverify will increase accuracy and provide your business with maximum conversation rate in both biometric and demographic verification result.

Passive Liveness

With just a single selfie, our Passive Liveness Detection Technology will increase the level of security to prevent fraud by confirming user is the right person and provides assurance that it is a real person.

Optical Character Recognition 

Our OCR technology is built to scan, recognize, extract, and auto-fill your customer data directly from their national ID card into your business workflow.

Advanced Geospatial Analytics

A comprehensive and user-friendly solution for leveraging the untapped potential of geospatial data. Whether for urban planning, environmental monitoring, logistics, or market analysis, it provides a powerful platform for transforming geospatial data into strategic insights and actions.

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